Soil Tech Services
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Soil Tech Services is conveniently located just east of Tisdale. We are a full service ag retailer that has the ability to provide you with the next step in customer service.


Services Provided:

Canola and Bulk Seed Sales:
  • Canola Varieties include Brett Young, Canterra, Dekalb, Invigor, Syngenta, Dupont, Dow (Nexera), Cargill (Victory).
  • Wheat Varieties not limited to CDC Plentiful and Cardale.
*Ability to apply seed treatments on purchased seed. Ie: Cereal seed treatments, Jumpstart ect.

Liquid, Dry, NH3 Fertilizer
  • Ability to formulate custom blends
  • On farm delivery services
  • Second to none NH3 services including tanks and cultivator rentals
Crop Planning and Agronomic Consultation
  • The ability to sit down and discuss what could be done to increase your bottom line
  • In field agronomic consultation including soil testing and analysis
  • Provide up to date information on new innovations/products that could be beneficial to your operation.
  • The ability to conduct research trials and collect data which allows us to have first hand experience and confidence in the products we recommend.
Custom Applications:
  • Aerial spraying applications
  • Custom Floating applications
  • Custom Spraying applications
Competitive Pricing and Financing
  • Competitively priced within the market
  • FCC and Scotia Bank Financing Available at 5.65%
Benefits an Independent Supplier Can Provide:
  • Fully serviced rental equipment
  • Installation of NH3 applicators
  • In field service of rental equipment
  • Flexible and extended hours
  • The freedom to choose from a wide variety of products which allows for no compromises in the field. 

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